Meet Karanne

Karanne Lambton - Life Coach Vancouver


Before becoming a Life Coach in Vancouver and launching Life Fulfilled Coaching, I spent 30 years as a senior leader in healthcare.  I believe that when healthcare employees live a life they love, they personally thrive, transform their daily work experience and increase their capacity to support patients & families, their peers and staff.

Using the tools of visioning, goal setting and increasing self-awareness we awaken your greater possibilities and bring measurable results to the full spectrum of your life.  I am a certified transformational coach who continues to study with some of the most powerful self-development leaders on the globe. I bring effective and lasting transformation to you. As a Master Mentor© I support you in reaching your highest potential.

You will work with the same powerful goal achievement methodology and proven processes that transformed my life from the file room to the boardroom and created the resilience I've needed to overcome the major challenges in life.

If you would like to learn to navigate rough waters, create successful outcomes, expand, evolve and feel more alive, discover the proven methods used to create and live a Life Fulfilled. You will Discover, Design and Become more than the vision you set for yourself. It is my honour and privilege to support you.


I am passionate about supporting you to discover and live into your dreams, become the person you have always had the potential to be and live a life you love everyday.

When we love our life, we personally thrive, our daily work experience transforms and our capacity to support patients, families and colleagues is nothing short of amazing.


I came from humble beginnings where the ambition set for me was to learn to type in order to obtain an office job.  I yearned for something more and found my way to the Health Information Management profession.  That was the first exposure to the dripping faucet that quenched my thirst for a life filled with learning, both formal and informal.  I see possibility in everything and see opportunity everywhere.  This, combined with my natural interest in how people succeed, led me to explore and create a challenging and rewarding life. I can help you see possibility and opportunity too. Whatever you set your sights on, I can help you get there.


Life Coach Vancouver - Karanne Lambton

LAURA SHORTRIDGE, President, Crystal Lake Solutions, LLC

Karanne will help you refine essential leadership qualities. Indeed you will not only become a better leader, but a better individual and a better member of society.  Our world needs more people of that caliber!

Life Coach Vancouver - Karanne Lambton

KAREN BRULE, Executive Director, Health Information Management

Karanne has had a direct presence and influence in my career.  She has an innate ability to bring out the best in others by offering simple, yet effective tools of self exploration and inspiration.  Her passion and guidance has helped me become a more self aware, energized and inspired leader within the workplace and beyond.

Life Coach Vancouver - Karanne Lambton

DEANE STILLAR, Provincial Director, Enterprise Information Management

I cherish Karanne’s exemplary leadership, guidance, integrity, and sense of joy in the work she does. I’ve learned so much, yet feel I’ve barely glimpsed at what there is yet to know.