Building Trust as a Leader

Building Trust - Karanne Lambton - Life Coach Vancouver

Building trust is something anyone wanting to be a successful leader must do. Trust underpins every relationship in the workplace – between boss and employee, between colleagues, and between businesses. Trust isn’t something that is inherent; it must be forged through consistent action. While there are many ways to become a trusted leader, they typically…

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How Honed Are Your Leadership Skills?

Leadership Skills - Karanne Lambton - Life Coach Vancouver

The caliber of leadership in any team or organization plays a critical role in the levels of success and harmony that can be achieved. Take this Self-Quiz to determine whether your leadership skills are honed to a keen edge. Directions: Answer True or False as you reflect on your implementation of these beliefs or actions.…

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Leadership Goals: How To Choose The Right Ones

Leadership Goals - Karanne Lambton - Life Coach Vancouver

Leadership goals provide guidance for you and your team on where to focus, how to identify a small number of vital outcomes you expect to produce, and how to concentrate efforts to achieve the best results. How can you support you and your team with goal setting?  How do you choose from the myriad of…

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3 Steps to Disrupt Negative Thought Patterns

Negative Thought Patterns - Karanne Lambton - Life Coach Vancouver

When unfavorable situations, actions and emotional conflicts happen again and again in your life—same scene, different characters—there’s a good chance you are in the presence of negative thought patterns. Some examples: picking the wrong lovers/partners, constant conflict with co-workers, chronic ‘debting’ or people-pleasing. At best, these negative thought patterns cause frustration. At worst, they cause…

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The Stress-Less Side

Stress - Karanne Lambton - Life Coach Vancouver

“I’m so stressed!”  How often do you find yourself saying this in your mind or to family and friends? Stress, as a modern term, arose from physiological studies in the 1930s, becoming the commonplace term as we know it today during the 1950s.  Not that our ancestors didn’t have stress – they most certainly did…

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Work-Life Balance: It’s All About Choices

Work-Life Balance - Karanne Lambton - Life Coach Vancouver

Remember the news stories about people suing fast-food companies because they had made them fat?  Or the friend who hasn’t taken a vacation from work in years?  Or how you keep saying, “I just don’t get enough sleep?”  Choices, my friend, it’s all about choices. Each day we make choices that influence our pace and…

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