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Karanne Lambton is a certified Transformational Life Coach. Residing in Vancouver, Karanne is amongst the top life coaches in Canada. She believes that when individuals live a life they love, they personally thrive, transform their daily work experience and increase their capacity to support their family and communities.

Using a combination of structure, experience and wisdom, we shift your life to one of resilience and fulfillment based on a foundation of proven personal tools needed to create the clarity, confidence and courage you seek.

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Life Coach Vancouver's Karanne Lambton is a certified Life Mastery Consultant and Master mentor who coaches individuals through 1:1 or group engagements.  Using proven methodologies, Karanne supports you to reach for your highest potential and to live a Life Fulfilled NOW, turning each morning into a day you look forward to! 


Karanne Lambton is a sought after speaker. As an active member of key professional associations across North America, she has spoken at numerous national and international conferences.  

Karanne's webinars receive rave reviews and, as a workshop leader, she engages her audience through multiple learning modalities.


As a Master mentor, Karanne's passion is to mentor you to open the window of possibility, discover solutions, create transformation and enhance your life.  Karanne's experience, wisdom and 'Master Mentor©' signature program will create the kind of shift you've been seeking.


Karanne Lambton's mission is to improve the lives of healthcare workers across North America.

Karanne believes that when healthcare employees live a life they love, they personally thrive, transform their daily work experience and increase their capacity to support the patients & families they care for.



Life Coach Vancouver - Karanne Lambton

BARB TURNER, B.Pe.,Kinesiologist

'Don't miss an opportunity to work with Karanne Lambton! She is not only profoundly capable of taking you into the unknown with  courage and confidence, she is a universally connected person who is fully immersed in what it is she meant to do. Karanne is a gift the wise will not squander. Be prepared to do your work, she is ready for your challenges.'

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'Karanne Lambton has something special, and an excellent ability to mentor and coach to transform your life. She is a marvelous charming lady with a brilliant brain. I would certainly recommend you attend her program as she strengthens you spiritually, mentally, emotionally. You will learn the real values of a successful life and how to obtain success. I have had an awesome experience and I've learned a lot. I am glad she is not only my mentor but also a lifelong friend...'

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'Karanne Lambton has had a direct presence and influence in my career. She has an innate ability to bring out the best in others by offering simple, yet effective tools of self exploration and inspiration. Her passion and guidance has helped me become a more self-aware, energized and inspired leader within the workplace and beyond.'